More Than A Matchmaker

Patti Feinstein is More Than A Matchmaker – she’s a fierce (and funny!) advocate for her clients and is considered the most talented and trustworthy among her matchmaking peers. Feinstein’s professional background is as unique and storied as she is – it began in mental health, and then transitioned to dating services, and evolved into being the most respected dating coach in the U.S. Patti learned early on in her career how to connect quickly and form a strong bond with all types of people by using equal parts candor and humor. Fast forward to today, Patti and her team of experts run a tight yet efficient service by using rigorous and proprietary interview techniques and one-on-one guidance for their exclusive dossier of clients. With 20,000 matches under her belt, advocacy for high net worth clients is the reason they’re drawn to her; they recognize they need help and they know she’ll deliver.



“I became a matchmaker and dating coach for one simple reason: I wanted to help people find love. Over the years, I’ve seen how they struggled and, in the end, there’s really just one thing everyone wants: someone special with whom to share their life. As humans, we’re just not built to be alone.


Patti Feinstein establishes a high level of trust and works side-by-side with each client, which is what sets her apart from the small pool of U.S.-based matchmakers who compete for the private and discerning clients she attracts.


As an advocate who provides a tremendous amount of direction on everything from wardrobe to etiquette to self-awareness – Patti works tirelessly to ensure the discerning clients she serves have 100 percent success finding an ideal love for them.


The majority of time she’s with clients, Patti’s offering tailored advice (and sometimes tough love) which translates into them being more honest with themselves about what’s missing in their lives. She says it’s all about managing expectations. And once a client is aware of how to handle themselves in different situations and surroundings, they’re more open to new experiences and people.


Patti Feinstein, More Than A Matchmaker, employs an attentive approach which delivers exactly what a client needs.
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