frequently asked questions

I belong to a networking group of matchmakers where we collaborate. There are 781 matchmakers in this group which enables me to match globally. 

Depending on how open you are with your criteria, it takes about six to nine months.  If you limit yourself, it can take up to a year and a half.

Find inner peace and happiness.  When you’re at your happiest, men and women are highly attracted to you because you are emitting dopamine.  If you aren’t in a happy place, you’ll face a lot of rejection.  Only hire a matchmaker when the time is right and you are open to listening to her feedback.  She’s there to help you succeed and remember, she has back information, where you only have your perspective based on your history.

Because a coach will guide you into the relationship.  She knows how men think and how women think.  She understands dating patterns that are scientifically proven to work.  Most people repeat the same mistakes due to chemistry.  A dating coach won’t let you sabotage yourself accidentally.   A good coach will also force you outside your comfort zone and make you engage in activities where an organic meeting will occur.  This is the best type of match.  She may not have introduced you but she led you to him.

NO!  Dating and mating are human behaviors that have nothing to do with technology.  The same rules apply today that applied generations ago.  Men must be hunters, women must be chased.  It makes a man feel like a man.  Women these days think if they’re career women that they should chase.  This is absolutely not true and men are NOT intimidated by you.  You’re not letting them do the work.  Women outside of work still need to take care of their man. And in return, he will take care of you.   Swiping is nothing more than a glorified personal ad.

Absolutely not!  You say thank you at the end of the date and if he’s going to call he’ll say he’s going to call but he’ll give you a time frame.  If he says he’s going to call and nothing follows that statement, it’s his polite way of NOT asking you out again.

When you stop asking questions about it and it feels natural.  When you start analyzing it, it’s NOT working.

If you utilize the coaching services with the matchmaking program, it’s 90%.  It’s when you think you can do it on your own without coaching, the success rate goes down to 60%.

It will vary from person to person.  You can choose to be in the pool.  The pool is the first place we go to find the date and the inverstment is $1,000.  When you’re in the pool, you are making yourself available for a date.

Executive Matchmakers charge anywhere from 25k to 75K depending on the package and the experience level of the matchmaker.  Remember, you’re compensating your matchmaker for their time and their resources and they are recruiting for you like crazy.  Executive Matchmakers don’t take on a database of 400 members.  That’s a dating service.  An executive matchmaker is your personal relationship headhunter.  She doesn’t have time to deal with 400 people.  She is dealing with you and maybe 2 other people at a time.  She’s working nights and weekends for you screening the women or men.  An Executive Matchmaker is working for you 24/7 so that YOU can have the relationship of your dreams.