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America’s Dating Coach Patti Feinstein Launches Small Group Coaching to Support Single Women

Written by: Amber Brooks,

The Scoop: Patti Feinstein didn’t know what a dating coach was when she got into the dating industry in 1992. She just knew she wanted to advise singles and set them on the path to love. In time, she became known as America’s Dating Coach. Today, she offers personalized coaching, matchmaking, and online dating management services to support singles in the modern dating scene. Patti is always looking for ways to help daters improve themselves and enjoy the dating experience, and she recently launched a private group coaching program to let single women know they aren’t alone in their struggles.

Success may look easy from the outside, but such accomplishments rarely come without effort, intention, and, most of the time, collaboration. When striving toward a big goal, individuals can start to feel run-down or overwhelmed by all they have to do, and that’s when it’s helpful to seek out professional resources and support systems.

Even professional coaches need some coaching every now and then. About a year ago, Patti Feinstein, also known as America’s Dating Coach, turned to an online coaching group for business leaders and entrepreneurs to give her the motivation and tools she needed to grow her business.

“It was very inspirational,” she told us. “I did it to improve my marketing, and I saw improvements within two weeks.”

Patti learned from her peers in group coaching sessions and took steps to expand her reach on social media so she could grow her client base. In a couple weeks, she grew her LinkedIn following from 110 followers to 700 followers. She also added over 300 followers on Facebook.

Patti Feinstein is a professional dating coach and matchmaker with 20+ years of experience.

Patti said her group coaching experience blew her away and inspired her to launch group dating coaching for her clients. She intends to make her high-end coaching services both more affordable and more effective by inviting clients into a friendly group setting. Group coaching helped Patti transform her professional life, and now it can help singles transform their love lives.

“I’m testing it out right now,” she said. “It could morph into something bigger in time. It just depends on what people need.”

Knowing what people need is right up Patti’s alley. She has spent decades in the dating industry and has developed personalized dating coaching and matchmaking services that yield results.

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Patti Feinstein Has Launched “More Than a Matchmaker,” an Upscale, Boutique, Executive Matchmaking Service for Wealthy Men Looking for Love


Online dating is fraught with fraud. According to the FTC, people have lost $1.3 billion to romance scams in the last five years. In 2021, 56,000 romance scams were reported to the FTC.

Patti Feinstein

Along with the fraud that comes with online dating, it feels Covid. People are looking for real-time interactions where they actually get to see a human face, said Feinstein, President, and owner of More Than A Matchmaker, a boutique executive matchmaking firm for single professions worldwide. The company is headquartered in Chicago with locations in South Florida, New York, and Los Angeles.

What works is good, old-fashioned, hands-on matchmaking with a trusted advisor, according to executive matchmaker Patti Feinstein, who finds mates for serious professionals who have it all and want someone to share it with.

“My ideal client is usually the workaholic millionaire. They are used to outsourcing every part of their lives: their finances, legal work, housing staff, and personal assistants.

“The men that outsource everything but their love lives. They are workaholics who don’t have life balance,” she said. “They are hiding in their work because they are afraid of taking a leap. It is my job to get them out of their own way.”

She offers several levels of her concierge service. Very high-end matchmakers may only accept a handful of members per year and charge anywhere from $75,000 to 250,000. With this price tag, clients should expect a lot of extras and frills, such as date coaching and image consulting, though some companies charge extra for these services.

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7 Not-So-Obvious Signs He’s a Jerk

Is his nice guy thing all an act?

By Anna Davies,

Rude to your server? Checks his texts constantly? Can’t stop talking about his ex? All clear signs he’s bad boyfriend material. But dating experts agree that there are plenty of subtle signals that can be just as big red flags-if you know what to look for. Keep an eye out for these sneaky seven on your first date and save yourself from major heartbreak down the road.

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Dinner dates being replaced with ‘just drinks’

By Lindsay Weber, Chicago Tribune

The iconic scene from Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” paints the picture of finding true love over a shared meal. Two lives meeting at the center of a spaghetti noodle, and that’s amore!

But that was 1955. Fast forward to the Tinder age, when recent polls have shown that first dates over dinner are being replaced with simple public meetings over coffee.

Dating coach Patti Feinstein said she has a seen a large shift in first-date trends.

“You used to meet someone through friends or through someone from the neighborhood. Those were the days,” Feinstein said. “No matter where you go, everything now is like one big blind date, and no one likes that.”

Feinstein said there is so much misrepresentation on online dating sites that people don’t want to invest much time or money until they make sure the potential matches they are meeting are legitimate.

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On Love: Navigating the dating world

The Washington Post’s Ellen McCarthy is joined by Patti Feinstein, a dating coach who has been in the dating industry for the past 20 years.

Ellen: Hi all, I’m so glad to have Patti Feinstein with us today. She’s been helping people navigate the dating world for two decades now and can answer all our questions about relationships. Let’s get rolling.

Hi, it’s Patti!

Ellen: Patti, Maybe you could tell us a little bit about how you got into this field and how it’s changed — for better or worse — over the last 20 years.

A: Patti Feinstein
Hi Ellen, I was a matchmaker for years and I watched my daters like a hawk. I watched who was successful and who wasn’t. Then, I went to work for a psychiatrist and came up with the idea of being a dating coach!!

Q: Waiting on a proposal
Would you say that most of the time, if a man is still delaying engagement after 3 years, it’s probably not wise to give him more time? I wish when I was dating that I didn’t hold onto my boyfriend and keep giving him more time because in hindsight, he was never going to be “ready.” We both wound up marrying others after relatively brief courtships. I’d hate to have women nowadays putting their lives on hold waiting for a proposal that never comes. Any thoughts?

A: Patti Feinstein
When a man is captivated, he’ll ask you to marry him. That’s the cold, hard truth! If you find yourself waiting, it’s simple. He’s juts not that into you! Move on!

Q: inexperienced
So I’m almost 30 and I’m very inexperienced at dating/intimacy. How open and truthful should I be about this? I don’t want to scare good guys away by having them think I’m some kind of freak but I also don’t want to get into a situation where someone expects something I’m not ready to do. This quandry has scared me away from getting into the dating scene or try sites like Match. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

A: Patti Feinstein
A man that truly appreciates you will LOVE because he’ll think he’s the first. If he’s a good guy, not only will he respect it but he’ll wait til you’re ready!! This is not a quandry at all.

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Romantically Challenged? Get Coaching

CBS News

Joanie Edelberg has read more than three dozen dating self-help books, and she keeps them lined up on two bookshelves in her home. But despite her extensive research into the intricacies of dating and the best intentions of her friends who tried to set her up with available men, her dating life was still stuck in neutral.

After her 40th dating book and still no results, the Evanston, Ill., real estate broker decided to seek professional help.

Edelberg, 50, became one of a growing number of frustrated singles to turn to dating coach for help. The services dating coaches provide range in price and nature, from personal consultations to fashion makeovers to “field trips” in which the coaches observe their clients’ interaction with the opposite sex in a social setting and provide feedback. But the ultimate goal of their services is to help their clients hone their seductive skills for the often vexing dating world.

Dating coaches’ clientele is similarly diverse — Edelberg’s coach, Chicago-based Patti Feinstein, says her male and female clients range in age from 22 to 72. But the one thing they have in common is difficulty in meeting the right person.

Feinstein became a dating coach after getting fed up with her career as a matchmaker and seeing many of her clients’ dates go badly.

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Jon & Kate Plus 8′ Plus One?

Given the media spotlight, dating coach Patti Feinstein said, it’s not a good idea for Gosselin to be out with another woman so soon after the marital rift.

“You need to take a little time off from dating, because there is this rebound period,” Feinstein said. “He’s probably feeling that he wasn’t getting enough attention from his wife, so he’s all lonely, and he needs to be stroked up.

“Once he gets the feeling that ‘I’m loveable; I’m worthy; someone loves me for me and wants to put me first,’ ” Feinstein theorized, “then that person he is dating, either he will dump her, or she will dump him.”

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Dating a Coworker Without the Drama

The DC Spotlight

Businessman and businesswoman sitting at the table and discussing work

Everyone is looking for someone special. Whether that special relationship will end in marriage or a non-marital commitment is up to the couple. Looking for someone is simple. Finding one another is the big problem. With so much of our time spent at work, commuting to work or at work events, it is no wonder that there is no time left to find that special someone. For these reasons, many Americans are revisiting that old taboo – dating a co-worker.

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The Single Best Personality Trait For Your Love Life — Do You Have It?

Happy senior couple having fun driving on new convertible car – Mature people enjoying time together during road trip tour vacation – Elderly lifestyle and travel culture transportation concept

“We all have an inner child in us,” says Patti Feinstein, a Chicago-based matchmaker and dating coach. “Children are natural flirts, but socially we are taught to suppress that — to not cross the boundaries, to not touch people.” But if they taught dating in schools, they’d try to undo these social stigmas — and teach people how to get back in touch with that kid within.

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Dating Hacks For Making A Better First Impression

Dating can be scary. We generally all want to put our best foot forward, which is tough when you’re nervous. It’s why it’s always nice to have a few go-to ways to make a good first impression when on a date. That way you make sure you’re putting out the vibe you want, even when you’ve secretly been anxious all day.

I have always (and I mean always) experienced anxiety in the days and hours leading up to a date. I’ve just never been one of those, “It’s no big deal, dating’s fun!” kind of people. But the thing is, I’ve always found that the dates themselves are totally fine — and, yes, often pretty enjoyable. It’s purely the build up and self-induced pressure around the date that puts a negative connotation with dating in my mind.

It can make us forget what dating’s actually about: two people just hanging out and getting to know each other a little. When you think of it in those terms, it suddenly seems a lot less intimidating.

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9 Old Wives’ Tales About Attracting More Love Into Your Life That Actually Work |

match makingEven though opposites attract, it’s still OK to surround yourself with likeminded people. So if you’d like to meet someone, try signing up for classes that interest you, hanging out in places you enjoy, and having fun.

“This approach yields better results than online dating because you’re interacting with people that share your interests,” dating coach Patti Feinstein tells Bustle. You’re also likely to be at your happiest when engaging in activities you enjoy, which will be all sorts of attractive.

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