The Great Job Resignatio

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The Great Job Resignatio

The Great Job Resignatio 750 750 pattifeinstein

By now, we’ve all heard about the Great Resignation. People are re-assessing the quality of their lives due to the pandemic and isolation. They want more free time to enjoy their lives. The economy did well and they are able to retire early.

However, why resign from your job if you don’t have someone to share that quality time with? The lockdown was lonely. Dating sites were more popular than ever before. More people were married during the pandemic than ever. For the first time in my matching career, I saw 9 women ages 50 to 75 get married! I had never seen a 100% success rate before.

This is interesting to me, finally, people abandoned their “must haves” to be with someone they liked and grew to love them. Now it’s your turn. I can’t make you hire a matchmaker. But you’ve had experience on those online dating sites. And it’s a “swipe party.” People think they can swipe and go next…It’s taking longer than ever.

When you hire a specialist, she/he isn’t going to look over people. She’s going to hear everyone out and do the “vetting” for you so you’re not spinning your wheels.

So, if you’ve resigned from your job and don’t want to spend your newfound freedom alone. It’s time to seriously consider a matchmaker. A matchmaker that has tons of experience and will guide you to success.

You don’t want to waste another year being alone, do you?

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