Vaccinated to Freedom


Vaccinated to Freedom

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As a matchmaker, it’s my job to stay non-judgemental. We aren’t allowed to have political opinions, and that’s not what I’m trying to do here. I have one point I’d probably try to make regardless of the political situation we’re all dealing with, the covid problem, etc.

Being a matchmaker is harder than you think. Women want to date a Professional man and over 5’10. They typically won’t even consider someone shorter than that. Why? Because it’s an instinct for a woman to feel protected. Even birds, according to scientific studies, show smaller birds are looking for bigger mates. However, women can feel protected by the right man in other ways. He may come to her defense in some way. He may take care of her car, pay her bills, be sure she’s alright if she’s sick. There are so many other qualities that men bring to your table other than height. If you’re one of those women where height is a non-negotiable, have you ever considered what you might be missing out on?

The same goes for our current political problems. Or lack thereof. Right now, the Senate disagrees on things, and there is a refusal to unite. It doesn’t matter. Isn’t it time for them to grow up and get rid of the toxicity? It doesn’t matter who you voted for. It matters that these are our leaders, and for the sake of private citizens, it’s in everyone’s best interest to compromise. If they don’t, what are we as a nation missing out on? It’s as silly as waiting for a man who is 5’10!

The next time you go on a date or you hear from your matchmaker that the guy or gal is an inch off of what you were looking for, isn’t it just FAIR to give them the benefit of the doubt, or do you want to stay single? Isn’t it fair for the political leaders to compromise as well? It almost seems to me they are only looking out for their own interests and not ours. Both sides. Let’s, as daters show the politicians that we’re more mature and can see that uniting both in dating and politics is a win-win.

If we start compromising, maybe they will too.

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